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Reception in support of State Representative Jeff Pyle


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Burning Truck VI

Event Will Be Held

Burnt Ridge Gun and Bow Club
493 Ridge Road
Cowansville, PA

Contact Information

Phone: (724) 954-2309

Admission Information

Event Sponsor -$3,000
Only 2 spots for this and includes 7 entries
50 Caliber Sponsor $2,000
Includes 4 entries
Lunch Sponsor $1500
Includes 3 entries
Safety Sponsor $1,000
Includes 2 entries
Sign Sponsor $100 - 1 guest and join for lunch
RSVP Aug 7th

Please make checks payable and send to:

The Friends of Jeff Pyle
P.O. Box 347
Ford City, PA 16226