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Since 1985, Greenlee Partners has grown to become a leader in their industry as one of Pennsylvania's premier government affairs firms.

Greenlee Partners is comprised of a diverse group of experienced professionals with a single-minded focus on client service, including federal, state, and local lobbying, grassroots organization, and procurement.

Greenlee clients all share a unique appreciation for the "partnership" brand of lobbying that has solidified Greenlee's reputation as the most results-driven firm in Pennsylvania.

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Feb23 2018


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On Monday, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in Janus v. AFSCME to determine if state government employees must pay a fee for the union to represent them in collective bargaining negotiations. A couple years ago, the highest court was deadlocked on a similar case, Freidrichs v. California Teachers Association, but soon after the Court heard the case, Justice Antonin Scalia died, leaving the court deadlocked on the matter. Now, it's likely the Court will rule against labor unions with President Donald Trump's recent appointment, Justice Neil Gorsuch. Janus and other advocates argue the fees violate workers' First Amendment rights, compelling workers to finance activities they don't necessarily support. On the other hand, AFSCME contends the Court would have to overturn Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, where the Court determined the difference between "forced" fees and those paid to prevent "free riders" or those who benefit from efforts of the union, but do not financially support it. 2018 sure isn't a dull year.

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The value in working with Greenlee Partners is inherent in our people. A simple idea — a group of talented, experienced professionals dedicated to managing your reputation as if it were their own. Meet us >

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