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Nov24 2015

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Choking America...

A recent report from the American Highway Users Alliance identified the 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in the country. The underlying report highlights the importance of transportation infrastructure investment, noting the correlation between an improved infrastructure with saving hours and dollars on the consumer side. Unclogging America’s Arteries 2015 claims drivers could save $39 billion in lost time, 830 million gallons of fuel, and prevent over 200,000 crashes annually. While Pennsylvania roadways didn’t make the top 30 – that honor was reserved for roads in Illinois (#1), California (too many to mention), New York and New Jersey. Pennsylvania first pops up on the list at #36 for I-76 at U.S. Route 1 between City Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia and again at #47 for I-676 between I-76 interchange and North 24th Street. For details, check out the study. Sometimes, math is sad…

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