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Jun24 2016

National News


Busy Thursday! The U.S. Supreme Court issued three rulings yesterday, overturning the President’s immigration reform, upholding an affirmative action decision, and splitting over tests for drunk drivers. On immigration, the court deadlocked in a 4-4 vote and blocked President Barack Obama’s policy to grant about four million undocumented immigrants protection from deportation now that the split decision leaves in place a preliminary injunction filed by 26 states challenging the President’s authority to issue such an order. The case now reverts to a federal court in Texas for further review…unlikely the outcome will change for the Commander-in-Chief…On affirmative action, SCOTUS said the policy in place at the University of Texas was indeed constitutional in a 4-3 decision. Finally, the highest court in the land ruled those suspected of drunk driving may be arrested for refusing a breath test, but those suspected are permitted to refuse more invasive tests, like blood tests. Understanding the dilemma that exists when gathering evidence in such cases, the Court said a warrant is required when a blood test is requested to protect an individual’s constitutional right; however, a breath test presents no privacy issue, so suspects may be arrested upon refusal. 

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